The design approach to commercial projects is essentially the same as that of domestic building solutions with the added component of marketing and commercial efficiency playing a prominent part of the overall mix.

Vista Architects has developed a particular style evident in our recent resort design project in Byron Bay  - ‘The Water Garden’ displays an elegant, contemporary and efficiently pared down appearance with obvious exotic Asian form influences and willing embrace of our wonderful local timbers and stone.
‘The Water Garden’ project called for something truly exceptional – architecture that elevated the visitor gently yet completely out of the humdrum of everyday life and into a cool enclave of moving water, tropical gardens and simple light filled sleeping enclosures – and in doing so reflecting much of the style and nature of the Byron region itself.

To sum up:  through our design work we aim to fulfil all the obvious requirements of a commercial architectural brief - the functional mechanisms of the building, necessary compliance, energy efficiency needs, and of course consideration of financial budgets.  Yet, like all worthwhile architecture, we aspire with every design to achieve that other level - something ‘extraordinary’- to go beyond what is merely expected and required and create structures that truly enhance and give something back to the environment it is in.