The house is the single most important entity most people will ever commission and therefore presents the greatest challenge for the designer to get it right!

With the multitude of complex requirements to satisfy for the contemporary building, the art of the house seems to have been lost at the very core of it’s form. So called aesthetic embellishments are often added later to bring the house back to ‘looking good’, but in the end, these are mere lip gloss or artifice, a covering to what is really a fundamentally flawed design. 

At Vista Architects we aim to achieve a fully integrated architectural solution that not only answers all the physical and functional demands and compliance issues of the modern house, but also upholds and celebrates the art of the house - a walk-through sculpture that not only accommodates the essential aspects of human activity but also reflects something of the ‘mind of man’ and pulses with a resonance of joy, beauty and meaning.
Within our process our client’s brief is transformed into the central idea that powers and drives the spatial language of the house design.  This central idea then informs every design decision on the project, from the big picture plan configuration to the detail of the bedroom door handle.

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